Feelings often don’t match what it really is. Yesterday, I was speaking on not letting how you feel about something right now block you from seeing what is real and true right now. It’s easy to get lost in the “now,” and essentially, that’s where emotion comes from… .How we feel at the moment, with an obvious exception to deep rooted historical issues. Even so, this is how you feel right now, and should be controlled. It is so important to use both logic and emotion in decision making. A balance puts us in position to get the results that we want.

Think about your own situations right now. Are you in love or, in hope? Hoping that one day it will be what you want. In love with your life, where you are, who you’re with.. . .what you’re doing. You may have convinced yourself that you are in love, when reality is something quite different. Placing all of your energy into believing something can be, as opposed to taking action to make it so. There are also times when how we feel right now neglects the fact that what is real, is dope and is good for you. At the same time, some people are always right about how they feel.. . .but that takes a certain conjugation of logic and emotion to understand the difference.

Being committed to things/people that you don’t really want. Feeling like you belong to someone you’ve never been with and may not ever be with. It is far too common for us to accept what we are given, and far too common for us to run from what truly makes us happy. You will find that once you take the journey to understand yourself completely.. . to understand your wants, desires and your reasons why you act and react the way you do. . .understanding why you are where you are. .. .you can take control of your life, the direction it’s going, your happiness and who is around.

The universe is working and shifting. I suggest you take control and shift with it. Understand what you are. Understand who you are. Understand where you are. Understand why you are what you are and who you are. Discover and understand where you need to be. Take control. Get there.