I have come to the conclusion that ALL……すべての女性の……todo…. toutes….. Whatever language you can say……. beautiful women are crazy. There is something about those beautiful crazy eyes that just look at you like they’re coming up with a plan to just……eat you like a Black Widow. Although that may be a bit dramatic, the point remains. I have no answer to why, but it is a proven fact. Eve and Adam. Deianira and Hercules. Steve McNair & his crazy mistress. Beautiful women are the fall of man.

Sssoooo…….You just gonna call me literally 176 times in a day???? :-/….Starting at 5:37 AM until 2:44 the next morning……and do it for a week straight.... :-/…….Then just gonna start a Yahoo email account with my name and start emailing random people… :-/. Just gonna go to my dad’s Facebook music page (he’s only 44 btw) and  write him a note saying I broke your heart…. :-/…..So you just wanna come to my building unannounced and try to bribe my doorman to let you in the apartment??? :-/…..Simply because I didn’t want to be with you. Just gonna have a full blown argument with yourself…..like you’re two different people going back and forth….calling yourself two different names??? I’m just saying.

I asked around at an attempt to get to the bottom of this. When asked, “Why are beautiful women crazy?,” I get responses like, “They get too much attention.” “Their whole lives they are told they are the best.” “They are told they’re beautiful all their lives and can have whatever they want.” Nothing is wrong with thinking and feeling you are the best, being told you’re beautiful….the world IS yours…….but when it is exemplified through unfavorable actions…….throwing bleach on all your man’s clothes because you couldn’t have your way…….or pouring water on his  laptop because you didn’t want him to leave or thinking they are a princess in their own little world and everyone is her subject. These are just some minimalistic examples of what beautiful women are capable of. It may be that they have too many options. Beautiful people…..women especially tend to get the things they want more easily…..and maybe when they don’t get their way it just doesn’t register properly.

This does not mean that women who are not as beautiful are excluded……some of them are crazy too. The women who admit they are crazy; are indeed crazy. The ones who say they are not crazy; are the ones you may have to get a restraining order for. And we fall for the same trick over and over because they’re so dang gorgeous. But women say stuff like this every day……All men are dogs…….no good men left in the world. Eff yoo see kay that. It’s these beautiful women that may cause the men who ARE jerks to be like that. This is not an attempt to bash women. You may very well be able to say the same in reverse for a man. The thing that bugs me though is there is no way to tell. I wish there were some type device that makes you aware of how crazy one can be. Maybe a scale from 1-10……..”stay or run”…….something.

You know what else is interesting??? Why is it that every single store that you go in has the most limited selection for men??? It starts even with baby clothes. Go to the baby section and look. There is probably one rack for the boys.

But who am I??? It’s just a theory.