So, I just saw a man with bigger breasts than any woman in a 5 mile radius.....:-/.....Just walking…. with no shirt and some fitted acid-wash jean shorts that stop at least one-foot above his knees……and some Uggs. How about that platinum Mohawk? It snowed last week by the way. I'm just saying. This woman the other night had on some black Chanel I could have sworn her toes were playing hopscotch with the sidewalk. Ankles were on the verge of bleeding because the back of the shoes were cutting them. I know that she had the struggle crust toes at the end of the night.....Just gonna mess up her pedicure???? :-/....

The real question is WHY?!?! Is it something psychological??? Is it something that we were conditioned for or were we socialized to keep ourselves oppressed??? I am sure that women will either shamefully or proudly agree that they wear shoes that they can not fit, are not right for them and hurt them for the sake of image, routine, fear of change, feeling like they have no other options.....or......just not being smart enough to wear what is best for them. Agree??? I thought so.

The same way that women wear shoes that hurt, they stay in unproductive, unhealthy relationships.....that hurt. A woman will stay with a man that is beating her brains out on a daily basis, or abusing her mentally, or depriving her of genuine comfort......for what?? Is it because they look good together? Is it because she feels that there are no other options for her??? Do you not have the courage to try something new??? Or is it because you look for a bargain?….A sale?….Would you rather take something cheap or tainted? Something that use to be “in,” rather than invest in something that makes you feel good mentally and physically and will be worth more in the long run???  3.9 million (7%) women are physically abused by their spouses in the US with 20.7 million (37%) women being verbally abused. Take this......4 out of 10 women in the US wear shoes that are not their sizes.

If this is you, some attempts to justify your choice may be, "That's his way of showing he loves me." or "It's not him; it's me," or "No one else will be with me," or "But I love him," or "I'll make myself right for him."  "But I love these shoes," or "I'll make myself right for them," or "No other shoes look good on me" or “But I got these on sale.” You get my drift. It is unhealthy. The same applies to men as well. Surprising to some, battered men are at about 20%, about the same as men who wear shoes that do not fit.

What is it ab

out oppression that attracts you??? It seems like you would rather have a man that does not call, shoes that crack your toe nails, a man that physically abuses you, shoes that leave your feet swollen as soon as you put them on; rather than a man who pleasantly shows you he cares, shoes that are completely comfortable, a man that feels and looks great with you, and shoes that feel and look great.


Do we actually want to hurt for the sake of image or fashion?? Are we really socialized to remain oppressed?? There are too many men/women in the world for us to be alone if we leave where we are. Especially for women, there are waaayyy too many shoes in the world to wear a pair that are not for you. Too many people try to maintain a position that is not for them. You deserve so much more.


Get a new pair of shoes……..But who am I??? It’s just a theory.

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