There are cures for the world's most vicious "incurable" diseases; such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer, diabetes, Crohn's Disease and viruses like herpes and ebola.  But, do you know why the world is put under the false pretenses that no cure exists??????

The government, "Big Brother," "Sons of Liberty," United Nations, The World Bank, Sponge Bob; whomever controls the world is known to have this stigma of keeping citizens in fear to control  their actions and their minds.This same technique is used for population control.  Think about it..........

The Black Plague in the medieval times, population control.  Plagues in the doctrines of the Bible, population control.  Why do you think no action is ever taken when genocide or a massacre of thousands of people occur????  It may be harsh, but natural disasters, which are really just a way for the earth to cleanse itself, like hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis are a way of population control as well. 

100 years ago the world population was calculated at an estimated 1.6 billion people.  In 2050, it's predicted to have 8.9 billion.  The logic behind the powers that be, are simply that space/person is closing in.  In order for there to be enough resources for the human race to function efficiently, something has to be done about our rapid growing population. 

Be it all true that if the world is overpopulated, then resources run scarce; but does this mean that children who were born with HIV because their mothers never took Viramune to prevent passing along the virus during pregnancy are left to be doomed????  Children are the future of the world, correct????  Does this mean that a man is left a widower because there was no way to correct his wife's breast cancer????  Does a young girl lose all chances of ever having a child because she gave away her virginity unprotected to the only man she ever loved and he had HPV but didn't know it himself??

Population control.  The real reason for the pain so many suffer.  If man can get to Mars, if man can clone, can choose what eye color and gender their child is going to be. cure for a simple virus?????

You know what else right????  They make so much money off of all the "fundraisers" for AIDS and Cancer.  If you realize, it's mostly for "awareness" and hardly ever for cures.  Pay attention.  Imagine all the money that was made in the past year alone for these "efforts" and still no cure???  Impossible.  I bet we can afford a 6 year war though.  I can make a phone call to someone in Japan right now.  I can build an island in the shape of The World.  I can make billions off of bottled water.  But I can't reverse this tumor in the head of one of the most important people in my life. 

But who am I???  It's just a theory