This week, I have decided to share an old record that sort of sparked the transformation into the artist that I am today. At one point, I was completely passionate about being an artist. When I first really began writing songs and rhyming, I was with a group with my father and my uncle, 3 Disciples. (Get the album on iTunes) We performed at least 3 times per week at pretty serious shows, radio interviews, tours and a pretty decent fan base. That was life... . .. .and then Life happened. I went away for school, lost focus and began to lose faith in music and what it can do for me. Not realizing the affect that it would have on other people.

I took me a long time to begin writing again. I was more focused on making money. My life was very different than what I lived before and what I wrote about before. I grew.. . . ..evolved.... . . .my thought process was enlightened. .. .. . .


Hustle Smarter:

Bless, the Child and Siul Hughes had been urging me to start doing music again. I was listening to the radio (garbage as usual) and every single song that came on was either talking down on people for being broke or encouraging the listeners to go broke by blowing all their money on bottle service and women. Every single song. This is what is fed to you every single day, imprinted into your mind which then plays out into your daily lives. You are trained to remain poor by spending everything on superficial garbage that means absolutely nothing in real life. You work 15 hours at $10/hr just to spend it on a bottle in the club, thinking it will make people look at you as you are not.

The music on the radio pissed me off. I feel that it is throwing you all, my people, further down into the depths of depression and poverty.. . . .ignorance... . ..not allowing us to ever come up. It sparked my passion by pissing me off. Anything that evokes some type of emotion in you, you have passion for. I want to save you. the initial result is this track: Hustle Smarter.

Along with this is making decisions that will bring you forward. You sell drugs, that is fine... . .but be smart about it. Don't flash. Don't be violent. Invest your proceeds wisely. Tangible goods will not save you from the law or if you lose it all. If you are going to hustle, hustle smart.

So listen to this. My first track after the "come back." This is not an original beat and of course, the quality is not how it is today. The lyrics, however, still mean everything.

There is so much to give. So much to lose. You have to hustle smarter. Have to hustle right. You're only trying to live. That's all you have to prove.

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