Good morning, America. It's alright
I'll be right there with you, just for a night
Are you down for the ride?
Are you down for the ride?
Are you, down for the ride?

I love my Sallie Mae bill, 'cause my past had a future of getting killed or getting killed
Never had a dream of having houses on a hill
Looking out my window now, all I see is fields
They say real recognizes real
I've found myself in a strange land cheffing up a meal
I'll never let my ribs show, I could be starving
But my son'll never go without his Thomas or his favorite bowl
And he'll never have a daddy that he didn't know
I pray to God my sins don't pass down, Lord save his soul
Lord save his soul
Lord save us all
If we were born with purpose then was Judas only meant to fall?
I can't be chosen if I'm too drunk to get the call
Flaws and all this is me
Doomed for success, you're welcome to take a seat

Take the, passenger side for the trip
Sometimes I came home to fish...Other times I came to only grits
Now it's a table with a lonely dish

Come home and they put me up on what i missed
But i didn't miss much
It's difficult to get some head while you're driving clutch
It's difficult to get ahead never dreaming of such
I can sell anything, watch me  make a killing off of Dutch guts
In my forecast, all i see is up
Like reindeer
It's raining, dares and i dare to be great
I dare to keep my business full of progress and that prime steak upon my plate
All a man has is his word, and his pride
Words built the Earth, Pride is a kingdom
I've let the lion out of me don't tell me if you've seen him
'Cause i sent him, never had a Dream Team 'cause we ain't dreamin
We're living,   Passport music, poosey
Israelite Beauty on the strip that felt she knew me
And videos i don't remember taking
If there's the Son of God im sure that there's a son of satan
I'm never second guessing these decisions that i'm making
Even though I'm sure they're all wrong
I'm putting all conflicting convictions stuffed in my bong
And then i inhale it to my mind, to get along
And then the outcome is this
A ride through my vision
Get in