You said you're searching for my, love. Good luck, I can't help you with that. On the way you'll find skeletons that never made it back. Not that I have little love to give, rather, life to live. I understand exactly where my focus is. Not nonchalant, I'm not interested in the unnecessary, simply. I stood boldy at the gates of her love, on her behalf, once. Only for her. In a selfless act of heroism, to give her an experience she searched for, but never found; hoped, but never truly believed. There I stood, confident. As if I had slain this dragon countless times before, confident. She was not home. 

As if.........Life, itself, was slipping through the crevices of the dried up remnants of her heart....She clings to the belief that the man her father would tell her about through bed time stories truly exists. A prince. In the world today, a prince is simply what you make him, or accept him to be. We live in a time where a man walking down the street, smiling at his joyful life is considered deranged. A time where a man who strives for legal success is frowned upon, and treating his woman like a queen is too soft. Too good to be allowed to be true. 

She clings to the belief of the existence of a storybook prince, yet the role she plays is that of the Evil "Queen," yet, in her own life. She plays the role of Eve, where she meets her Adam, and chooses to sabotage perfection, looking for reasons to be miserable. Misery. Misery, does indeed, enjoy company. Accompanied by gossip full conversation, based on fabricated evidence of a murdered heart. She would rather tell stories to her friends, of wrongdoings.....real life Spanish Soap Operas....instead of telling a history of happiness. She runs. Runs from an accurate account of the positive experiences that she's been given. There was one.....who opted to show her the world, and she, thriving from the 'Eve Complex' did not want to leave the room. 

She walked down a stale corridor for five minutes now. It began to feel like an underground tunnel leading to the same place she'd always been. Oddly enough, at the end of the corridor was her new life that she had worked so hard to achieve. 5 years of college, all the networking, every sacrifice. Have you ever felt like you were losing everything, simply because you wouldn't let go of your dreams? And, of course, vices and sex in between, Such a speckled beginning, only to end up down the dull hallway of an office building where every floor is designed the same and the work is repetitive. Where the pay does not compensate for wealth of time. I'm just trying to show you that there's more to the world than the mundaneness of everyday life.

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