I have come to learn that the most difficult situations that we go through, we place ourselves in. Whether it is through negligence, poor decisions, improper planning or simply not being as prepared as we should have been. The difference between staying there....in a bad place....and flourishing, is acknowledgement and acceptance that you are there and are the cause.....and then the desire and effort to make the necessary amendments to your mindset. 

There are clearly different types of people in existence. The Unfortunate Soul will place the blame for their 'mishap' on others.....never accepting that they are themselves the issue. Not once acknowledging that they placed themselves there. According to this type of person, it is always someone else's fault....someone else taking advantage....someone else who did not support.....someone else's decision. Fabrication. If such a thing as bad Karma exists.....they feel as though it does not apply to them. Their thought process has them believe that they can do and say anything, ranging from decisions they make for themselves to how they treat people, with no repercussions. A complete disregard for their actions and result of their actions. Simple cause and effect. By this disregard, this type of person will never come out of these difficult situations. Instead, an endless path of self-destruction, defamation of personal and other's characters, fabrication and bridges burned. They must acknowledge where they are and how they got there, appreciate what they have, who they have and the support that has been given; and then they can begin to travel toward enlightenment. 

Then, there is the person who does acknowledge and accept that the initial problem is them. Acknowledgement that poor decisions have been made.....things could have been done differently....better. People in their lives could have been appreciated more....interactions can be more pleasant. A shift of their mindset, your mindset, begins with acceptance and acknowledgement. This shift signifies growth. The only way to grow is to feed your mind with different and positive experiences......allowing yourself to make room for fortune and blessings. We do not know everything. My father wrote a quote down for me when I was young. While I kept it in my wallet for years, it was not until years later that I actually appreciated what it meant:

"He that knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool; ignore him. He that knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a wise man; follow him."

Appreciate your struggle, who you are and the processes that you must take in order to make yourself a better person. The constant mission should be to make yourself better. This will directly reflect in your life, decisions made and the produce from your effort. An Unfortunate Soul does not have to live in misfortune forever. The shift begins inside, with You. 

Be great and Flourish,