I ain't dead yet, say a prayer for me, please

I can feel this pain scribing tears on these sleeves 

Can't be seen as weak, can I even sneeze?

There might just be a demon in this very air I breathe

Satan is after us, he just wants to get my keys

Being covered in the blood is what's gon' bring him to his knees

Heaven, Heaven is the goal of the saints

But being baptized in the fire is what would humble a king.......

God sure 'nough humbled a King, 


I've been through numbers of things

I've been broken down and raised up

Scraping and caked up

Now my spirit's linked up to Moses and Jacob

Nxggas is striking poses on a wake up

That's that ignorance

.......................How long will Freedom take us?

Why should a man of honor lose it all and take a pay cut

While the vile cracks a crooked smile and plots another shake-up

On a man who works so hard he's got no time to get a shape up

Say what's......really on your mind

We play so many games with Life you'd think that happiness is crime

But happiness is prime

The nappiest of haters couldn't make it on their own

So they'd rather drop a dime on my journey back home to the throne

It's mine..........It's mine.......

It's ours

We blame our strife on poverty but never know the cause

'Cause we're too busy flashing to start a cause