I have come to discover that sitting alone at the bar is not necessarily a bad thing. This provides many an opportunity to capitalize upon. It is no different than a Solo Man Mission.


(Solo Man Mission is an adventure that you go on alone, usually ending in flourishing experiences that you would not normally have if other people were involved. Relying only on your charm, bravery and conversation)

At the bar you will find a plethora of unique and interesting people. Interesting music. Depending on the establishment, great food and drinks. Solo Man Mission should never be at an average place with average offerings. You need conversation piece worthy plates and spirits. Think of it as a museum. Each person and object is full of wonder to be explored. When you focus on every exertion of energy being productive, this opportunity is valuable and important. If you end this night with no productivity, it is clearly and only the fault of yourself. 

Sitting at at the bar alone can go 2 ways:

basking in the depression of being alone


Take a moment to yourself to think about things the hustle and bustle of your day brought to you. Enjoy your food/drink. Smile. And then spark a mind fxcked conversation with the Beautiful sitting across from you