Free at last... . . . .Free at last.. . . . Thank God Almighty, my mind is free.. . . .at last


I have udergone an amazing journey within the past 3 years. A journey of self-reflection, self-acceptance, acknowledging and then embracing flaws, acknowledging and embracing greatness, times of joy, times of loss.. . .et cetera... . .. et cetera .. . . .

I lost everything within 1 week. Everything that I thought personified my success in Life up to that point. Seemingly all material things. Perspective will be the exact difference between giving up and winning. Instead of justifying depression, I began to view it differently. 

 "I lost every single thing that I owned in a week. Now all I'm left with is the spoils of the world as we speak." 

Sometimes it takes losing everything to gain the world. The things that we focus on and invest energy into could very well be futile. Of no benefit to our happiness or our lives. We waste. We waste time with people we do not want long-term. Time with people who do not want us long-term. Waste energy and money on things that provide no benefit to our well being.. . . .period. Things we cannot afford to make conversation with and/or impress people who will not even retweet a product that you are selling to feed your family. 

After being forced to lose all tangible things that I prized, I began to look at other areas of my life that needed shaving. I noticed that I placed too much energy into people and things that had no return on my investment. So.. . . .I began to reorganize my investments and begin to focus on constant productivity, the people that love me and progress. 

My decision to stop running from music was made here. One year ago I began I working on my craft again, being vulnerable, writing my experiences thoroughly and meeting people who have what I need to get it all done.  

My first studio album, The Montgom'ry Tea Party is the result of so much living. Everything is covered from philosophy, to love or lack of, pain, happiness, to drugs, to sex, to travel, of course God, strip clubs and the thought process of it all. I am proud. I bet my life on my product because it is my life. I am sure that the music will become a part of yours. A soundtrack for the movie entitled: (your real name here). 

I am excited for Saturday, May 10th. I will release the album on that day, as well as host the event :::The Montgom'ry Tea Party:::. Everyone there gets a copy. It will also be available on iTunes. May 10th is also my birthday.  


Cover up. Something has been falling from the sky for a while now



Montgom'ry Tea