Standing there... . . Limited

Somehow, I allowed myself to be completely lost in these vices

Within... . . .these vices

Initially, they were to be used as an escape

Not necessarily escaping reality. . .. ...or running.. . . .from.. . . .. . ...whatever.     .

Rather, an escapade.. 

A new adventure

New horizons from the comfort of wherever I was standing

A vice in my definition is: Anything that you can get completely lost in. We depend on these vices to take us away from where we are mentally at the moment. A dependence. A dependence on an outside force. 

Imagine taking the.. . .. ..imagine the very best "high" feeling that you have ever felt.. . ..

The best feeling from any drug that you have experienced

The high from genuine laughter

The easygoing, carelessness gained from being tipsy or happy

The feeling of laying in clean, cool sheets after taking a shower following a long day

The best nut you have had

Bunny-hopping through the theater in a state that you do not live in

Now.. . . ..take that memory of this amazing experience..   . . .hold it.. . .

Envisage the ability to access it AT WILL

At any given moment, without the vice.. . . ..without this dependence. Complete control over your mind. Now focused, clear headed and still euphoric

This is The Art of Vices. The journey to mastering the art. Finding the God within yourself and ruling your world, thoughts and emotions.