I am interested in excavating the gallows of your tomb

I know your love has not been explored.. . .instead, left broken to die

A prisoner of darkness and decay

Please understand that there is quite a difference between complacency, satisfaction and happiness

There is a difference between like, lust, having love, and in love

There is even more so a difference between each of the four, and finding one perfect for your soul

What do you believe in?

What do you deserve?

Often times, what people feel that they deserve is a fabrication of their imagination 

Selling short. Over selling

What does your soul deserve?

What have you worked for?

Will I find treasure or rot?

Will I find an oasis in this desert of life?

Or, will I find fertile land to nurture the seed of my mind?

Not one query to rush an answer

Rather, ponder.. . .analyze and be realistic

Then.. . . . .we may begin