I dig you.....

My mind is on an excursion to the depths of your soul

Taking nothing but giving unprecedented attention to every intricate detail

A sabbatical to your heart,

Breaking from the world, waiting for answers that one can only but wonder

An ever-yearning quest to discover what makes you.......You

I have a jones for you.....Unlike any Jones you've met

Unlike any Love Spell, any arrow of Cupid's most potent bunch.......

Unlike any time grown love

Unlike this "in-love" "condition" that leaves vessels weak......with sickness

Where the only cure is shattered walls

A socially conditioned period of sadness = Pain

I love the idea of......You

Not to be mistaken.....

But an idea is all God needed to handcraft this dimension

I feel you.......In all ways unphysical

I meditate on this idea of......You......While we meet on a plane of existence that could have only been architected for I &... . ..  .You

Here it rains when you are sad

Hard snow suffocates the grass when I don't hear from you

Here....It is comparable to the Sahara when you are angry.....

But when you smile..  ...... .... ...  ...... 

I see the print from when you landed. ..  .. ..Here

Through any emotion you still belong to..  ...   ..Me

Belong not as in possession but.  ... ..Without each other's presence we'd be...  . ... ..longing

For each other's essence

Wondering what life would be if this architected land were life in the flesh

Yes. ... .  ...You..   .... .Belong.   .. ... .to me

I've discovered that when you love you love hard

While you may not be completely happy with this stage in life

While you may not know which path to take

You may not even know if your last decision was right or what next year will bring

You understand mentally.   ... .the emotion you are searching for

I see so much in you that I need you to see

I need you to be confident when you don't believe you can

"Potential" is putting it lightly when compared to your abilities

I need you to remove walls keeping you from true happiness

We have a history unknown to the World

Trials unmatched by time or opponent.  .. ..only Ourselves

We share what we have failed to realize

We share what we may never know

We share what pride will not allow us admit

But there is no pride on an excursion for the truth

I dig you.   ... ..  .Searching for an answer in a sea of questions

I feel you. . . .    Losing myself where only you can find me

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