She told me that she loves me last night. I knew that she was being honest because of the disapproving sigh that she gave herself; hating the fact that she does. Yet, saying it shamelessly, with conviction. She may not even want to feel as strongly for someone........Someone who isn't around much, but, somehow she's comfortable enough to love me.

I love how perfectly she makes my tea. Could that be symbolic to how perfect she can make my life? As if, what I've been missing this whole time has always been here........passed over for lack of appreciation........Not that I never appreciated her......rather Pride never let me take what she has to offer.

Truth is....I cannot love the same manner One......No....She....can love me. Maybe our souls fell for each other the very day that we met; and it took until this moment for our flesh to acknowledge. .

This is what she says to me through that same disapproving vent of, "I love you......"

"Are you down for me, down for me?

Are you down for me, down for me?

'Cause I've been here all along, and you've just been stringing me along this whole damned time. Making me feel like you're mine, and then you turn around and change your mind.........and then I can't reach you when I'd like. People see you living......You always say it's business with those late late nights. I know that's it's the night life. You look perfect in those bright lights....but I know you need a home. I'm tired of laying here alone if you don't want me for yourself."

And then......"Can I get a witness? Can I get a witness? I can't wait anymore. I can't play these games with you anymore. Can I get a witness? Lawd, I need a witness. I don't want to cry anymore.....And I don't want to waste this time with you, anymore.

Are you down for me, down for me?

Are you down for me, down for me?

Are you all the way down? I can feel your peace when you're keep skipping town. You want to move everywhere. I feel like you were never here. What would happen if you lose me? I reserve the right to be choosy. Racing. Pacing. I've done spent my patience. Latent. Ideas. I'm just trying to make sense. Of everything. Make sense of everything. 

Can I get a witness?"

Me- Looking at the end of Life's telescope. I can see you, but we're not eloped. True....but it's like a joke that Life has chosen to play on us both. How can that be valid with these memories we wrote? That we're writing? Taking note......of the fighting that we haven't done. Sighing at the thoughts, of Life lying or the lack......of us trying. Or the lack, of inspiring ideas, or good timing. What we lack is conversational insight to make us One. You told me that your Third Eye has visions of what we'd become. That means you dream about me. You didn't mean to doubt me. We could never be together. You can never be without me. ........Couldn't ever be without you.